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about me

My name is Dana Stavi, I love traveling,

I love to fulfill dreams, I am a social activist and an educator, I know places that are hidden and sweet that not everyone knows.


I love words, stories and pictures and try to combine them with all my worlds to discover things in me and to pass on a few things to those who desire it.


Why did I call the blog "Quality Time"



My blog is called "Quality Time" in Hebrew or "Dana Time" in English,

Because this is the way I love to live my life!

You did not understand?! , I will explain...
I've always been told I have my own pace :)
Since I was little I never felt the need to run anywhere, 
To be in competition with someone, but vice versa. I've always loved taking the time to slow down, stop and look at life up close, take pictures in my camera lens for moments, appreciate the scenery and the little things of life,
Because time was, for me, always a means and not the goal itself.

So when I thought of a blog name, I wanted to call it - Quality time.

Because that's the way I think life should be!
Make every time we have, every conversation, every meeting, every trip ... a meaningful time
Quality time, Or as they call it at home

"Dana time."
(And to me, it's pretty cool that it's the same :)

And, if we have already opened between us,
I will share that I have recently undergone some changes in my life that have accelerated the need to value time and embark on a journey to fulfill a personal dream, to become a true travel blogger, after years of putting it on hold.

I had breast cancer that froze my world for half a year plus or minus and made me, whether I wanted it or not, to release everything that had occupied me so far, such as working in education with youth , living in Tel Aviv, And a few other commitments that filled my diary that suddenly turned empty and ready to be refilled, in everything I really wanted!

For a summary of my story click here!

So what is my dream?

  • To become a blooger ,a digital nomad and  a traveler in Israel and  around the world,who writes about it and documents it here and on other platforms.

  • To be lecturing on the way and the process I went through And even publishes workshops that combine food and photography And takes you with me ... so that you too will have fun!

I'm glad you're still here reading me And I hope I'll be able to give you something from me that will be worth your time, your reading and your smile. Let us both have "quality time" together.

Dana Stavi

I invite you to stay in touch and subscribe to my blog, I will send monthly updates on the blog,

We'll meet by email, Dana

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